Scanner Angel

The quicker a chip can be scanned the quicker the missing pet can be returned home.

io sangelTo boost the usefulness and availability of scanners the NZCAR has partnered with the iD Porte (formerly the Pet Accessory Workshop) in Guernsey to roll out a new technology called "Scanner Angel", as well as their unique "Halo Scanner".

The advantage of Scanner Angel is that the scanner has the ability to download the list of microchip numbers currently reported as missing on the NZCAR and display this data directly on the Halo Scanner when an animal is scanned. It also keeps a record of all chip numbers scanned allowing the NZCAR to check if an animal has been scanned BEFORE it has been reported missing.

Scanner Angel also allows vets to quickly identify both missing and stolen pets when they are brought in for treatment.

Unlike collar based technology the microchip does not go flat, does not fall off, and is not easily removed. While tracking a pet maybe a nice tool, it does not offer the security of microchipping and registration.

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