NZCAR Registration

io nzcarregWhile most of the services on lostpet.co.nz are free, there are also paid for tools that can help increase the chances of identifying your lost pet. The NZCAR is the leading tool as it is a database of microchips that means when your animal is found, it can be quickly scanned and your contact details retrieved immediately.

The cost for NZCAR registration is $15 for the life of the animal. For this fee pet owners get access to the NZCAR call centre staff, to report your pet missing at any time, access to update details on the website 24/7, the security of knowing that over 900 agents around New Zealand have the ability to scan an animal and immediately access our database to find the owners details. As well as the knowledge that all the profits from the register are going to help lost pet charities and projects in New Zealand.

Does microchipping work?

Following the 2011 quake the NZCAR provided support services to SPCA Canterbury. In a 12 week period we dealt with over 24,000 phone calls and faxes and placed over 800 ads for chipped and non-chipped pets. Of the hundreds of animals we dealt with we managed to get 25% of non-chipped pets home within 2 to 3 days. However we managed to get over 85% of microchipped pets home in under 3 hours.

A microchipped and registered pet is 3 times more likely to get home when lost.

Click here to register for the NZCAR online.