io nzcarThe New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR) is New Zealand's largest database of microchipped animals and has the sole purpose of helping more lost pets get home.

The NZCAR is also the only New Zealand database that offers owners 24/7 access to their records, has an 0508 Free phone service and call centre, has over 900 organisations and agencies registered, and has nearly 1 million pets registered. It is also unique as being the only microchip database in New Zealand with the leading animal welfare agencies as stakeholders, and whose profits go to help fund animal charities, animal welfare research and companion animal projects in New Zealand.

As the core goal of the NZCAR is to get more pets home, it has created the free portal, LostPet.co.nz, for owners of unchipped pets or unregistered pets, so that they too have a place where their pet can be listed and have the best chance of getting home.

The NZCAR support the concept of a single portal for all lost and found pets in New Zealand. Overseas experience has shown that when there are a multitude of lost pets services and web sites, it is very easy for an animal to fall through the gaps and not get home. If the pet's owner and the finder are not using the same tools, then they are unlikely to be able to make contact.

LostPet.co.nz is inviting all lost pet organisations to participate in this portal and to share the lost pet data to try to make New Zealand the world-leading example of lost pet networks.

Another aspect to the NZCAR's goal of getting all lost pets home is the use of technology wherever possible. The NZCAR microchip database is the most widely used database in New Zealand, the NZCAR also utlises teh world lost pet notification system - Scanner Angel. 

The only goal of the NZCAR is to get lost pets home and its only mission is to provide New Zealand with the most advanced lost and found network in the world.

Visit the NZCAR website, www.animalregister.co.nz