Missing Animal Response Network

home gallery marThe NZCAR is very pleased to partner with the worldwide network of missing animal response specialists known as the Missing Animal Response Network.

What is Missing Animal Response?

Missing Animal Response, or “MAR”, is a method of Lost Pet Recovery Training. As Seen on Animal Planet, “MAR" is a professional training program developed in 2005 by Kat Albrecht, a leading pioneer of the lost pet industry. MAR training breaks down the process of a pet being lost, then shows us how to understand lost pet behaviour along with time tested techniques in recovering those lost pets.

This training allows the NZCAR team to offer even better advice to owners with lost pets and to use the resources of MAR to create better lost and found pet tools.

For info access to online MAR training, click here.

About the MAR founder, Kat Albrecht

Kat Albrecht is a former police bloodhound handler, crime scene investigator, search-and-rescue manager, and police-officer-turned-investigative pet detective. Since 1997, Kat has solved lost pet investigations by using law enforcement-based techniques and strategies that are normally used to solve lost person investigations.

Kat discovered that behaviour is a critical barrier to the recovery of lost pets and has identified predictable patterns of behaviour in lost pets such as “The Silence Factor,” “The Threshold Phenomenon,” and “The Lost Pet Triad.”

Kat and her search dogs have appeared on NBC Nightly News, CNN Financial News, EXTRA, To Tell the Truth, Animal Planet’s show Must Love Cats, K-9 to Five, Miracle Pets, Dogs with Jobs, Pets: Part of the Family, Breed All About It and in the pages of People Magazine, Parade, Reader’s Digest, and Woman’s World.

Kat Albrecht is also an award winning book author, with her memoir “Pet Tracker” receiving a 2017 e-book silver medal.

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