Registering Your Dog With Council

home gallery nziamIn New Zealand, The Dog Control Act 1996 requires all dogs over 3 months old to be registered with their local council every year by 1 July. If your dog reaches the age of 3 months after 1 July it must be registered by the date it reaches that age.

Registration fees are set by councils to take into account the cost of providing dog control services in their area and also to ensure that dog owners bear the costs of dog control and the subsequent benefits to ratepayers of having safe and well controlled dogs in their community .

Registering your dog with Council helps reunite stolen and lost pets.

Each council keeps a record of all dogs registered. Information on the dog and its owner along with its microchip number (if it has one) is provided to the National Dog Data Base (NDD). The NDD enables lost and stolen animals to be reunited with owners and keeps track of dogs deemed to be menacing and dangerous.

Dog registration and microchipping are two separate processes. You must register your dog every year, but you only need to microchip your dog once.

Important: Failure to register your dog with your local Council is an offence against the Dog Control Act 1996 and will result in a $300 fine.

National Dog Database Statistics - 2017

There were 556,762 dogs registered on the National Dog Database in 2017.

  • 276,243 female dogs
  • 280,519 male dogs

  • 203,188 Cross Breeds
  • 353,574 Pure Breeds
  • 305,809 De-sexed

There are 382,752 dogs micro-chipped on the National Dog Database. There will be a large number of dogs micro-chipped but their chip numbers not registered with their local council.

The top five dog breeds registered are:

  • Retriever/Labrador – 41,671
  • Huntaway – 31,301
  • Border Collie – 22,239
  • Heading – 18,551
  • Jack Russell Terrier – 17,514


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