Pet Sharing can benefit pets, owners and sharers.

The NZCAR is constantly on the look out for new services and new ideas that can help pets and pet owners in New Zealand. We not only look for ideas we can build into the NZCAR, we also look at what other great ideas and services are out there that we can simply share with our users.

At a recent pet expo, we came across one such new business idea called "Share My Pet."

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Pet adoption scams

Have you fallen in love with a cute, free or cheap pet for adoption or sale?

Wonderful! But hang on a second, is this a type of pet that is normally hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to buy? Does it seem almost “too good to be true”? Then it probably isn’t true!

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Lost Pet Scams

Pet scams have been around for a long time now

Pet scams have been around for a long time now, but sadly people do get scammed from time to time. The Lost Pet Scam is a particularly cruel scam which plays on the hopes of distressed and emotional owners of lost pets.

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Pop Quiz!

Four Questions

  1. What colour is your pets collar and what’s it made of?
  2. What colour and shape is their tag?
  3. Describe your pet from head to toe, including every marking – what it looks like and where exactly it is (which foot/ear/side etc).
  4. Can you instantly produce a full body picture of your pet that shows what they look like right now at their current age?

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Beginners Guide to Cat Colours

Don’t know your tabbies from your torties? Help is here!

The solid colours are self-explanatory i.e. black, white, grey (also called lilac, silver, blue) cream etc. Here are some other colours/patterns common in cats.

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For added security and to increase the chance of your lost pet getting home, register with the NZCAR.


The SPCA is New Zealand's leading animal welfare organisation, and a stakeholder of the NZCAR.


LostPet.co.nz is proud to partner with Neighbourly to help more lost pets get home.