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Currently located in

Bay of Plenty

Animal listed by:

Amanda Rouse
Vienna x baby rabbits
Vienna x baby rabbits - 5D56953D-26AB-4A1E-ACF9-C7A22E87A3C0_b03667b8ca8cc558128ac61e2631b9ef
Vienna x baby rabbits - 1A099CE7-5052-4BBE-A2BB-4A19ECC6CD5E_c8beb900cdcca59497fae835d3e54ad6
Vienna x baby rabbits - A93CDB77-E813-4C8F-9DA3-086639FF6FF9_64d2e8e0f6febdc1caec4c4738f197b0

This is Various

Three white and brown females who have come from a wooly mother with long hair and brown father with short hair. 7wks old and gorgeous!!


  • Location : Bay of Plenty
  • 0274200194
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Breed: Jersey Wooly x
  • Fur Length: Short Hair
  • Age (Years): Less than one
  • Sex: Female
  • Listed: 08.08.19


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