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Lauren Grace
RICKY - ROBUST YOUNG MALE - SMOOCHY - IMG_20180807_1502211_7ff53ade41da42fb097afba0c470efa7
RICKY - ROBUST YOUNG MALE - SMOOCHY - IMG_20180814_1615551_7b4e1e91f0043e8fcde7bb3be7500b46

This is RICKY

RICKY A vet called us regarding a cat that had been handed in as a stray, and after 7 days was was signed over to us. We of course immediately desexed him. He is a slim handsome tabby with caramel tones and an unusual spotted effect rather like that of an Ocicat (breed) or a Bengal. He is very talkative and smoochy. We feel he is less than a year old but think he is going to be a big cat with a big personality. He is so ok with house and people noise and that we feel sure he has come from a family though we have not yet tried him out with children or dogs. He can be held in your arms like a baby and you can smooch him with your face. He loves to play. He looks right into your eyes. If you would like a cat with a big personality, a wonderful but naughty young cat and would like to know more about Ricky please text or email as below. Goldies Oldies is a very small rescue that mainly focuses on desexing cats in the local community, takes in pregnant cats and kittens, but does have to rehome a few cats from time to time when they cannot be returned to whence they came. We have very little funding so a donation would be appreciated so we can help other cats. If you would like to have a chat about Ricky or meet him please text, call or email, 0223 808 366, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We do consider travelling to rehome a cat if its the perfect home. Published 28 7 18, updated 28/8/18.


  • Location : Waikato
  • 0223808366
  • Species: Cat
  • Breed: Domestic Short Haired
  • Fur Length: Short Hair
  • Age (Years): Less than one
  • Sex: Male
  • Desexed: Yes
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Listed: 28.07.18


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