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Hi, I'm Cheeky
Hi, I'm Cheeky - IMG_1146_0dc9f17e81cbe7e0a58fdba8c893ad46
Hi, I'm Cheeky - IMG_1157_7cb1abfb0ed1c519bbef165c91f8bd7d

This is Cheeky

My name is Cheeky and I’m a four year old hand reared tame cockatiel. I love singing to people’s feet, hanging out on people’s shoulders and head scratches and kisses. I’m used to a nice big cage in the living room with the cage door open a lot of the time for me to come and go. I’m looking for a home that gives me the same kind of lifestyle with people that will give me lots of attention. I‘m a great pet for those who are renting - landlords with a no pets rule have never said no to me moving in. My cage can come with me if my cage mate Squeak (an untame turquoisine parakeet with a lame foot - it’s a long story) can come too or has found a new home - we more tolerate than love each other so we’d be okay being rehomed separately. My current flat mates won’t let me go unless it’s to a home that can keep me in the style to which I have become accustomed- if you think you’ll be able to fulfil my head scratching needs and are happy to have me hang out with you on the couch please get in touch. People with cats or dogs need not apply.


  • Location : Auckland
  • 021438043
  • Species: Bird
  • Breed: Cockatiel
  • Fur Length: Not Applicable
  • Age (Years): Four
  • Sex: Male
  • Desexed: Unknown
  • Microchipped: Unknown
  • Listed: 28.11.19


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