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Austin Green
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p13-posing-for-the-tourists_7a90c12900d723e2cb44431c9abcef7b
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p07-oh-not-you-again_c233d9c45976b49620da7d745b32318d
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p06-chico-wanna-snuggle_0107e43016a6b1b9a7f91adb1e224e25
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p08-chico-too-hot-now_5684c05e0901cefacb481423b0f3a9cf
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p09-lemme-out-now_60bc0d1d0caaa903dd81dfd49fcdb00a
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p10-beakies-nest_245c6e69e524b0c3a13f5dadc0ef2178
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p11-chicos-nest-attempt_b2a397482d97b63b57f4f23ab561d690
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p12-parrots-are-not-really-messy_068c3df23ee8347a7e3cdd9618ec0486
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p01-chico-wanna-chip_b183568763a0e72e7448af960428c34c
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p02-beakie-wanna-chip_7727d464da98e716cc9b0ac074257104
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p03-get-yer-own-chips_a2c0ae8b9de5a91312a8efa6715bf829
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p04-chico-patient_33df689f4043f575d22318f95139584f
Cockatoo (male) needs loving home - p05-at-last_c62a716c84bfc6ff82ef5fb8693e90db

This is Chico

Chico is a friendly, lively, chattery cockatoo. Aged 35, he has been with us for twenty years; he will likely live another 50 years, and we're (approaching 70) not going to be here that long! We're looking for someone with a stable life style, mature but not too old, who can give him the attention he needs. Being alone in the house all day is just not on, parrots go slowly insane with such treatment. He needs to be where he can interact with people for a great part of the day. Chico has a large vocabulary (some of it not very polite!) and exercises it a lot. He is very intelligent, constantly finding new ways to get out of his cage and destroy things. Chico has a companion, Beaky, a female, though they are not a breeding pair (he would, but she won't). Chico is the one on the right of the main picture. Beaky is a very loving bird, around 40 years old, and has been with us for the last 15 or so years. Her original owner was an old man who suffered a stroke, leaving him unable to communicate with her; as a result she became distressed and pulled her feathers out; they have mostly grown back, she is just a bit bald under her wings. She has bonded very well with me; I guess she has a thing for older men! Chico and Beaky have been together for 15 years, and have mixed feelings about it: they don't like to be apart, often 'kiss', but Beaky will often turn on Chico and attack him, so they have separate cages. You can see in the pictures that Chico's crest is short and ragged; this is because he pokes it into Beaky's cage and she chews the ends off it. We would love to see them stay together, but we accept that this is very unlikely, most people not wanting to take on a double dose of trouble! We would be happy to see either or both of them get a new mate. The main thing is that their new owners should be caring, and prepared to commit to many years of friendship, before eventually finding them good new homes, as we are now doing. [ Will update this post with further details shortly ]


  • Location : Canterbury
  • 027 228 2726
  • Species: Bird
  • Breed: Sulphur-crested cockatoo
  • Fur Length: Not Applicable
  • Age (Years): Older than Ten
  • Sex: Male
  • Desexed: No
  • Microchipped: No
  • Listed: 23.10.19


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