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Beautiful Rabbits need A Loving Home Together
Beautiful Rabbits need A Loving Home Together - 118455-3_83a29d96445385c78b7cddbd5f14ce0f
Beautiful Rabbits need A Loving Home Together - 118455-2_82316b54b9dff9b830da551f1909b280
Beautiful Rabbits need A Loving Home Together - 118455_5383400db6b3667c75743f039019e2b2

This is Ghost and Sweet Pea

Ghost and Sweet Pea are a friendly, bonded pair who need a loving home with plenty of human company, a big enclosure and a stimulating play area to suit their size and curious natures. Ghost was rescued running back and forth across a busy suburban road and exploring garden verges. He then came into our care. When Sweet Pea's caregivers moved house, the neighbours watched in horror as days turned into weeks and they never returned for her. They dropped her off to a pet shop and we were contacted. We have not looked for the people who abandoned Sweet Pea and sadly, even after intensive advertising, Ghost's original caregivers did not come forward. We have now had both of these delightful rabbits vet checked, de-sexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated in readiness for their new home. Please apply for their adoption if you are in a position to spoil this beautiful couple for the rest of their natural lifespans. The youngest child in your family must be at least 9 years old. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you. Linda Nunn Founder www.animalrehoming.co.nz Animal Re-homing Charitable Trust


  • Species: Rabbit
  • Breed: Californian White Rabbit / Dutch x Lop Ear Rabbit
  • Age (Years): Two
  • Desexed: Yes
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Microchip Number (if known): 15 Digits
  • Listed: 20.11.17


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