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Beautiful, Loving Dog Looking For Forever Home.
Beautiful, Loving Dog Looking For Forever Home. - Screenshot_20200523-165818_Gallery_b2ed33a2716e6c55d2bcd5cb3e41f58c
Beautiful, Loving Dog Looking For Forever Home. - 20200523_170227_5e6dbd1511a43669ffc37c5c78f7aa9c
Beautiful, Loving Dog Looking For Forever Home. - 20200523_113523_534592d850d740a1941c74c6b230242c
Beautiful, Loving Dog Looking For Forever Home. - 20200522_092947_b86824298310a394160300d9ac912056

This is Negan.

How about this: Negan is a lovely male mixed breed dog about *18 months old and currently about 26- 27kg but still growing. His original owners said he was a Great Dsne, he may have Great Dane mixed in due to his colour, but his breed mix is unknown. He is a lovely shiny blue colour and very striking in the sunshine! He lived his first 12 months on the end of a chain or roaming the highway nearly being hit by cars and did not receive the love, attention and training that young dogs require. He was happily rescued from his previous life and has been living in a home for the past 6 months with another small dog, adults, children and farm animals. He has done well with the transition, however he is proving to be not good with children and therefore after much heartbreak it is time for Negan to find his true forever home with dog experienced adults only. Negan is a loving sensitive boy who can be a bit fussy with food and loves to be spoiled with extras mixed in so he enjoys his meals. He has some anxiety, but is working on that and slowly improving. He will need a home that can help him continue to improve on his house manners as he continues to learn to live indoors. He must be part of the family and not live outside on his own or on a chain – Negan is a loving house dog who needs his family. In return for being a house dog he will shower you with affection and attention. He plays well with other dogs and so far has shown no issues when in play groups. He has learned to live with some farm animals such as chickens, but is not good with small furry animals like rabbits and guinea pigs so best in a home without small animals. Negan is very smart and active, but also sensitive and needs a gentle approach to training and learning. He picks things up quickly and knows many things already, but is eager to learn more! Negan needs a dedicated home that can provide him with structure, training and ongoing support so he can flourish and grow into the dog that we know he can become! He strictly needs an active adult only home with no children. If you have children in your immediate family, please do not apply. Negan is neutered, microchipped, dewormed, deflead, registered and vet checked with flying colours. If you think that you can provide Negan with a loving and understanding home, please contact us for more information and an adoption application. In order to assure that Negan ends up in the right home there will be a meet and greet, interview and home check required. We only want the best for him!


  • Location : Northland
  • 02102749240
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Great Dane Mix
  • Fur Length: Short Hair
  • Age (Years): One
  • Sex: Male
  • Desexed: Yes
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Listed: 23.05.20


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