Fireworks 2018 – It’s time for change

For the 17th year in a row I go to write the same old advice about keeping pets safe at fireworks time.

It feels like fruitless lip-service because my direct experience every year is that pets are lost, injured or killed as a result of fireworks. And "fireworks season" runs for months past November 2 when they go on sale, until well past New Years Eve.


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Lost Pet? Act Quick!

You know your pet best. So, if he or she suddenly doesn’t turn up like clockwork for a meal - assume he is lost and act immediately.

A Poodle named Jack was lost for only a few minutes when his owners realised he was gone. They quickly started asking neighbours, searching up and down the street.

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What’s the difference between a short haired and a medium haired cat?

And what do those funny acronyms mean?

There’s quite a bit of confusion over this! So, let me help to clarify this in words and pictures.

“D” stands for Domestic. Domestic cats are your loveable “moggie”, so they aren’t any specific breed as such (like say a Persian, Siamese or a Birman). The majority of New Zealand cats are domestic cats. The acronyms DSH (Domestic Short Hair), DMH (Domestic Medium Hair) and DLH (Domestic Long Hair) are used for identification purposes by SPCAs, shelters, vets and the NZ Companion Animal Register. It helps us all to use the same language to identify, and match, lost and found cats.

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Six ways to settle your dog back in at home

Being lost can be scary for your dog as well as you! Here’s how to settle him back in when he’s safely home again.

Endorphins end anxiety

Exercise build lots of positive endorphins, lifting the mood of your dog. Exercise is great for discharging energy, making your dog feel calmer afterwards. Find a school kid keen for a bit of extra pocket money to help with extra walks.

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For added security and to increase the chance of your lost pet getting home, register with the NZCAR.


The SPCA is New Zealand's leading animal welfare organisation, and a stakeholder of the NZCAR.


LostPet.co.nz is proud to partner with Neighbourly to help more lost pets get home.