Goodbye Petsonthenet, hello LostPet.co.nz

As the founder and administrator of petsonthenet.co.nz since 2002, I am proud to announce that Pets on the Net, has been adopted to the safe and trusted hands of the NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR). NZCAR is the nationwide microchip database and has worked closely with us for many years to get lost pets home again.

NZCAR brings technical knowledge and resources far beyond our means and will progressively introduce exciting cutting new edge technology, such as facial recognition for pets. With this change comes a brand-new website and a new name, LostPet.co.nz.

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Top tips to help find a lost pets owner

Help lost pets get home quickly to their loving family with these top tips…

  • Place a free listing here on LostPet.co.nz, this will automatically cross-post to Neighbourly
  • Check the Lost Pets online at LostPet.co.nz to see if this pet has already been reported as lost
  • Take the pet to the vet for a free microchip scan. If the pet is microchipped it can be reunited very quickly through the NZ Companion Animal Register. Remember not just dogs can be microchipped - cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and even birds can be microchipped.

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...Is this pet really lost?

blog2 catYes probably!

Please help found pets find home quickly by always erring on the side of caution and assuming a pet that is "hanging around” IS LOST and in need of help.

LostPet.co.nz welcomes listings for found pets, sighted pets and deceased pets. For example, if you see a panicked dog running down the road - please post this vital location information on LostPet.co.nz for the owner to see.


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For added security and to increase the chance of your lost pet getting home, register with the NZCAR.


The SPCA is New Zealand's leading animal welfare organisation, and a stakeholder of the NZCAR.


LostPet.co.nz is proud to partner with Neighbourly to help more lost pets get home.

Organisations Supporting LostPet.co.nz