Finders (not) Keepers

The success of finding any lost pet often rests on the honesty and goodwill of people who find them. Luckily, in our wonderful country of New Zealand most people are good people and they want to help reunite pets. They operate on the value of “do unto others as you would have done unto you”, taking all efforts immediately to find the owner of a lost pet. Also shelters like SPCAs and pounds operate under a seven day hold before a pet can be re-homed if unclaimed (overseas this can be as little as 48 hours).

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Lost pet flyers and posters are still GOLD

Even in this digital day and age, lost pet flyers and posters are still a vital part of any lost pet marketing.

Flyers are a laser targeted way to reach every house in a relatively cheap way. Ideally use colour flyers rather than black and white because they help to identify your pet better - unless he or she is black or white anyway.

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Goodbye Petsonthenet, hello LostPet.co.nz

As the founder and administrator of petsonthenet.co.nz since 2002, I am proud to announce that Pets on the Net, has been adopted to the safe and trusted hands of the NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR). NZCAR is the nationwide microchip database and has worked closely with us for many years to get lost pets home again.

NZCAR brings technical knowledge and resources far beyond our means and will progressively introduce exciting cutting new edge technology, such as facial recognition for pets. With this change comes a brand-new website and a new name, LostPet.co.nz.

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My daughter wants a dog AND a lizard for Christmas…

xmas2017As parents we can sometimes come under intense pressure from our children to get a kitten, puppy or a pony. My daughter is pushing for a dog AND a lizard this year! She’s wanted a dog for years, then she saw someone carrying a lizard around town on their shoulder, so she added a lizard to her list.


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Going away this summer?

Did you know summer holidays are always the busiest time of year for lost pets…

holidaySo help keep your fur family safe by organising care for them while you’re away. You can arrange care with a live-in house sitter, a reliable neighbour or family member, a drop-in pet feeding/walking service, or a boarding cattery or kennel.


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For added security and to increase the chance of your lost pet getting home, register with the NZCAR.


The SPCA is New Zealand's leading animal welfare organisation, and a stakeholder of the NZCAR.


LostPet.co.nz is proud to partner with Neighbourly to help more lost pets get home.

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